Hand Stitched & Made to Measure Bridles

Creaton Saddles' stunning Bridlework is handmade to order using J. E. Sedgwick's best English full grain cowhide which has been vegetable tanned in traditional pits and then hand cured. All the edges are bevelled, stained and sealed. 

We will work to your personal requests but we do not make any nosebands with crank/cinch type fastenings. 

The Marialva Bridle

A traditional style bridle with raised noseband and browband. Available as snaffle, pelham or double bridle.

With raised noseband and browband in Newmarket Tan.

Showing the attention to detail.

Highlighting the raised noseband and browband.

Highlighting the noseband stitching.

The Valioso Bridle

Traditional style bridle with raised and padded noseband and browband Available as snaffle, pelham or double bridle.

The double bridle with raised and padded noseband and browband in Black.

Noseband detail.

Basculare Saddle

The snaffle version of this bridle shown in Dark Havana.

Default image

Raised and padded noseband.

Plain & Fancy Stitched Nosebands

Variations of cavesson nosebands. Plain noseband shown in extra wide as favoured for some show horses.

Plain snaffle bridle shown with a wide noseband.

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Noseband detail.

Default image

Fancy stitching to the noseband and browband.

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Noseband detail.

The Pelham Bridle & In Hand Showing Bridle

A traditional Pelham bridle. In hand showing bridles to order - The illustrated style is for Highland ponies.

Shown here in London Tan.

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Shown here in Dark Havana.

Default image

Again in Dark Havana.

The Comfort Snaffle

With a lined and padded headpiece. Various styles are available.

In Dark Havana.

Default image

Showing stitching and comfort detail.

Default image

On the Lusitano Zeus.

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Dark Havana on the PRE Bandido.

The 'Diosa' Bridle

Spanish Style Bridle

Shown in Dark Havana.

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Shown on the PRE Mare 'Diosa'.

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Shown here with a D-ring snaffle.