A selection of saddles made by Creaton Saddles for show jumping, hunting, cross country and multi purpose use.

All Creaton Saddles are handcrafted using only the highest grade leathers and offer a variety of finishes.

The Rodzianko Mono Flap Event Jumping Saddle

A mono flap event jumping saddle featuring a wool bag panel.  The tree having a twist and head to accommodate the broader warmblood or sport horse.  A Thoroughbred version with suitable tree is available.

Rodzianko 1 Juming Saddle

Rodzianko 1

Mono flap with wool bag panel.

RRodzianko 3 Jumping Saddle

Rodzianko 3

Open sweep seat and laid back event cantle.


Rodzianko 4 Jumping Saddle

Rodzianko 4

Shown here in Caramel calf.

The Basculare Mono Flap Jumping Saddle

 A mono flap jumping saddle with wide bearing rubber panels.

Gentle sweep seat with sloping rear cantle to facilitate comfort when negotiating drop fences.

Basculare Saddle

With mono  flap and rubber panel.

Black Basculare Saddle

With mono flap in black.

Basculare Saddle

With mono flap and open sweep seat.

Default image

Offside view of mono flap in Black.

Default image

Mono flap in Black.

Default image

Nearside view.

The Basculare Dual Flap Jumping Saddle

Again with gentle sweep seat and sloping cantle for cross country riding but with the more traditional dual flap.

With dual flap in Newmarket Tan.

Showing sweat and knee block detail.

The dual flap version in Newmarket Tan.

The Torino Jumping Saddle

A sweep seated jumping saddle. Shown with a show jumping cantle but also available with a more rear sloping cantle for cross country drop fences. Wool bag panels to ensure seam free gusset and lighter feel. Also available with rubber panel.

Detailing white welt and stitching. 

The Kingham Mono Flap Jumping Saddle

A mono flap jumping saddle with a choice of flock or rubber panel, offering optimal close contact feel with soft padded hide inlay to flaps.

Showing a forward cut design with mono flap and flocked panel.

Flap and knee block detail.

Detail of fore gusset.

Showing a less forward cut design with a rubber panel.

The Danloux Jumping Saddle

A close contact jumping saddle with wool bag panels or the option of rubber panels. Choice of leathers, finishes and detail options.

In Newmarket print.

In Dark Havana print.

The Grafton Multi Purpose Saddle

With a square cantle and broad sweep seat. Flocked panel. Show here with forward cut flap.

A forward cut jumping saddle with a mono flap.

The Creaton XC Saddle

A wide bearing panel with square cantle. Ideally suited for long hours in the saddle and a popular choice for hunting. Rubber or flocked panels. Flap cut to suit length of rider's hip to knee.

With open sweep seat and rubber panel.

With flocked panel.

The Eventa Jumping Saddle

Handmade to suit a rider who is long from the hip to the knee.

In Newmarket Tan

The Sovereign Multi Purpose Saddle

A classic style saddle with blocked flaps and a sweep seat.

Default image

The Olympus Multi Purpose Saddle

A classic design for general purpose use. Flocked panels with rear and fore gussets. Both GP and VSD* versions available. *VSD has a less forward cut flap where is emphasis is more on flat work.

Shown here in Dark Havana and also available in a VSD version.

The Cob VSD Saddle

 The tree on this saddle is specially designed to accommodate the conformation found on the cob type of horse/pony.

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